Papaya – health properties

Papaya is a fruit that is popular not only because of its taste, but also has numerous health properties, that I would like to share with you and at the same time highly recommend including papaya in your diet. This delicious fruit supports the prevention […]

Celery juice – a vitamin bomb

Drinking celery juice has a number of benefits. It owes its healing properties to the high content of life-giving vitamins (A, B, C, E, K) and minerals (potassium, phosphorus, sodium, magnesium, calcium). Why else is it worth introducing it to your diet? Discover the great […]

Why is it worth eating watermelons?

Watermelon pulp contains about 92% water and 6% sugar, the rest are other nutrients: protein fiber vitamins and minerals. Watermelons are rich in vitamins A, E and B vitamins. The pulp contains: potassium copper iron manganese magnesium zinc small amount of sodium Watermelon has a […]

Red currant – summer flavor

Summer around the corner. This time of year gives us wonderful fruits, let’s use it. One of the wonderful fruits of summer is red currants. Here are their health properties: lower blood pressure and cholesterol they alleviate the symptoms of gastrointestinal disorders increase the body’s […]

Flaxseed mask for face, body and hair.

Flaxseed mask for face, body and hair. If you want your face to be perfectly smooth, flawless and rejuvenated, wear a linen mask. Regularly applied linen mask smoothes wrinkles and soothes signs of fatigue. This is possible thanks to the rich vitamin E it contains. […]

Eat veg – health on the plate

Eat veg – health on the plate 💚 Vegetables 🥦 🥕🥬🍅- why should they be the basis of our diet? The right amount of vegetables in the menu is one of the most frequently repeated dietary recommendations. This is why today they form the basis […]

Spirulina for immunity

How to strengthen the immune system Adequate diet it is extremely important in building and strengthening immunity. What goes to our plate is very important and directly affects our health. One of the great natural ways to boost your immunity is through SPIRULINA ALGAE. The […]

Goji berries

GOJI BERRIES are called the red diamonds of the East and belong to SUPERFOODS ️ Find out about their healing properties: They are acting anti-cancer Clean the liver of toxins and improve digestive processes They have a positive effect on eyesight They decrease insulin resistance […]

Turmeric as effective as medicine

Turmeric is a great ingredient in the kitchen, but it can also be a great remedy for many diseases and ailments. Discover its healing properties: IT HAS EXTREMELY STRONG ANTI- INFLAMMATORY EFFECT HELPS IN FIGHT AGAINST DEPRESSION HAS PROPERTIES ANTI-CANCER PROTECTS YOUR HEART TAKES CARE […]

Benefits of pink himalayan salt

PINK HIMALAYAN SALT , unlike traditional white table salt, has many health-promoting properties, including removes toxins from the body and soothes intestinal ailments. It is used not only in the kitchen as a seasoning. Himalayan salt can also be taken in the form of brine, […]

Milk thistle can help your liver

Milk thistle  – find out how this plant can help your liver and more?  Health-promoting properties of milk thistle: Supports the work of the liver and accelerates the process of its regeneration It has a detoxifying effect It soothes the side effects of pharmacotherapy It inhibits […]


One of the very valuable SUPERFOODS Is a spice whose properties are appreciated primarily during the festive season. Many of us cannot imagine Christmas without the warm, delicate, sweet, spicy aroma of this spice. Meanwhile, cinnamon, as well as cinnamon oil and cinnamon seeds, have […]

Broccoli – a valuable Superfood

It might seem that there is nothing special about them, meanwhile broccoli have versatile health properties. They are contain vitamins and minerals that mobilize the body to fight many diseases. This vegetable is primarily a source of vitamin C and B vitamins, including folates, which […]

Garlic – Natural antibiotic

From the earliest times, it has been used in folk medicine to treat infectious diseases and was the basis of epidemiological treatment. It was often used in diseases of the lungs, upper respiratory tract, gastrointestinal and skin infections. The main active ingredient in garlic is […]

Recipe for kale juice – an injection of healthy energy

KALE is a great source of proteins, vitamins and minerals. It is best eaten raw, added to salads or in the form of a smoothie or juice. Why is it worth introducing kale to your diet: has anti-inflammatory properties contains a lot of fiber supports […]


EAT LEGUME FOR HEALTH Red lentils – why is it worth eating it as often as possible? It is a rich source of protein digestible 85%, therefore it is recommended in the diet of vegetarians and vegans. It helps to prevent hypertension Reduces the risk […]

What can apple cider vinegar be used for?

Although it has been used for generations, not everyone is aware that this product has many impressive health and cosmetic benefits. So what are the healing properties of apple cider vinegar? It is antibacterial It has a positive effect on the circulatory system Lowers blood […]

Hemp seeds

They are called a dietary super ingredient due to their ideal omega-6 to omega-3 ratio and 10 amino acid content, making them an excellent source of protein. In addition, hemp seeds are rich in vitamins and minerals. They are a rich source of: vitamin E, […]

Carrot – health benefits

Due to the fact, that carrots have a lot of health and healing properties, they should be a regular part of our diet. It is particularly rich in vitamin A, specifically its plant provitamin beta-carotene. In addition to it, it also contains a number of […]

Properties of the sunflower

It turns out, that the properties of sunflower seeds can really impress us. Find out about their beneficial effects on our body and health: They are a source of unsaturated fatty acids – which are of great importance in our diet. They contain vitamin E, […]

Vegetable juices – benefits

Would you like to support your body in a natural way? Improve immunity and delay the aging process? Drink freshly squeezed juices, which are a great remedy for many diseases and ailments. BEETROOT JUICE: It lowers the pressure Supports the circulatory system It fights free […]

Freshly squeezed juices

Why is it worth drinking FRESHLY SQUEEZED JUICES⁉️🔝🔝🔝🍎🥬🍍🥦🍉🍏🍋🍇🍐🥕🥒 The main benefit is the quick absorption of their nutritional value. 💪😍🤩 The substances contained in fruit and vegetable juices reach the human bloodstream in just 15 minutes and are digestible in almost 90%.♥️💪♥️ On the other […]

Top 20 superfoods

Top 20 superfoods🔝👌🔝👌🔝 Here are the products, that offer maximum nutritional benefits for minimal calories. They are packed with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and recommend to eat for the best health possible. 👌😍💪 The most popular Superfoods right now: Avocado 🥑 Kale 🥬 Blueberries 🫐 Spinach […]

Recipe for spinach juice – real vitamin bomb

Spinach provides valuable minerals that have a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system, muscles and ensure a healthy appearance of the skin. Compounds contained in spinach juice protect against cataracts, atherosclerosis and cancer. Spinach juice is an easy-to-prepare, nourishing and filling drink. It can be […]

Properties of almonds

Why is it worth eating almonds? Here are their valuable properties: B vitamins – are responsible for the proper functioning of the nervous system. Iron – lowers cholesterol, affects the nervous system, protects against depression. Folic acid – supports the proper development of the fetus; […]


Spirulina is a blue-green algae that is a unique blend of nutrients that no food product can offer us. All over the world, Spirulina algae are eaten for beneficial effect on human health. Health Benefits of Spirulina: supports the immune system supports weight loss lowers […]

Dark chocolate

It has an exquisite taste and is great for improving our bad mood. But these are just some of the reasons why you should eat dark chocolate. It is a source of many valuable ingredients and has a positive effect on the human body, especially […]

Oatmeal for breakfast

One serving of oatmeal provides our body with: vitamin B6 – which improves memory and concentration, prevents the occurrence of anemia, vitamin B1 and pantothenic acid – which counteract fatigue and irritability, have a positive effect on the condition of the skin, hair and nails, […]

Chia seeds

Chia seeds come from Spanish sage, an annual plant with white or purple flowers. They are classified as superfoods, i.e. functional foods that have a positive effect on health. Health Benefits of Chia Seeds: rich in valuable omega-3 fatty acids, magnesium, calcium, iron, zinc, phosphorus, […]

Benefits of drinking green tea

Good morning – coffee or tea? Certainly, for many of us, morning coffee is one of the rituals, that help us wake up and put us in a better mood. However, try to replace your coffee with GREEN TEA which is considered the healthiest drink […]

Wheatgrass – great superfood

Why should you drink wheatgrass juice? Wheatgrass juice has many properties that allow you to take care of your health and cure various ailments. In natural medicine, it is used to: Detoxification of the body and cleansing it of toxins, e.g. heavy metals Accelerating wound […]

Powerful blueberries

Small and inconspicuous, but contain lots of valuable features. Here are their properties: They prevent the development of tumors They support the work of the circulatory system They aid eyesight They support the work of the liver They support the work of the digestive system […]

Avocado – why is it a superfood?

Avocado 🥑 – Why is it a Superfood⁉️💪 Learn more about its nutritional values🧐   This exotic fruit is a valuable source of protein, but it also contains other nutritional values, vitamins and minerals: 💪   ✅folic acid (recommended for pregnant women), ✅pantothenic acid, ✅mineral substances (magnesium, zinc, […]