Wheatgrass – great superfood

Why should you drink wheatgrass juice?💚
Wheatgrass juice has many properties that allow you to take care of your health and cure various ailments.
In natural medicine, it is used to:
✅Detoxification of the body and cleansing it of toxins, e.g. heavy metals
✅Accelerating wound healing, treatment of skin ailments such as acne and reducing the visibility of disfiguring scars
✅Improving the condition of the hair and rebuilding its damage
✅Treatment of inflammation and toothache – rinsing a sick tooth with wheatgrass juice allows you to remove bacteria
✅Relief of symptoms of respiratory infections with sore throat
✅Improving digestive processes – provides enzymes necessary in digestive processes
✅Treatment of rheumatic ailments – compresses made of wheat juice should be applied to the affected joints
✅Relieve eye irritation
✅Lowering blood pressure
✅Enhancement of hematopoietic processes
If you do not have fresh wheatgrass available, you can use a powder and added to smoothies.
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