Oatmeal for breakfast

One serving of oatmeal provides our body with:
✔️vitamin B6 – which improves memory and
concentration, prevents the occurrence of
✔️vitamin B1 and pantothenic acid – which
counteract fatigue and irritability, have a
positive effect on the condition of the skin,
hair and nails,
✔️anti-depressants and substances that
eliminate bad mood.
A serving of oats also provides magnesium, iron, vitamins, and a source of fiber.
Oatmeal for breakfast or dinner also provides fatty acids. Oats, of all cereals, have the most fat, as much as 7 percent. This fat contains very valuable unsaturated fatty acids which:
✔️They prevent blood clots,
✔️play an important role in the prevention and
treatment of atherosclerosis,
✔️care for skin hydration,
✔️soothe irritations,
✔️protect against cancer.
Oatmeal is not only easy to prepare, but also tasty.
Eaten for breakfast will give you energy and have a positive effect on your health.
It tastes best with your favorite fruit.
Enjoy your meal💪☺️
Oatmeal can also be used for skin care as:
It is very simple and quick to prepare.
You should soften 3 tablespoons of oat flakes in 2 tablespoons of warm milk or water, and then apply this mixture to the surface of the skin for several minutes and rinse with warm water.
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