Properties of the sunflower

It turns out, that the properties of sunflower seeds can really impress us. 💛
Find out about their beneficial effects on our body and health: 💪
👌They are a source of unsaturated fatty acids – which are of great importance in our diet.
👌They contain vitamin E, which acts as an antioxidant and has a great influence on the condition of our skin.
👌 They also contain folic acid, i.e. vitamin B9.
👌 They have a high content of thiamine (vitamin B1) and niacin (vitamin B3).
👌 In addition, phosphorus is present in it – which has a huge impact on the condition of our teeth and bones
👌 They are a source of potassium, a macro element important for blood pressure.
👌They also contain magnesium, which is important for the functioning of the nervous system.
👌 They are also a source of zinc, responsible for the good condition of hair, skin and nails.


  • 23 July 2021


    Hi Nice Article
    Sunflower seeds contain a variety of vitamins and minerals that can help to boost your immune system and boost your ability to fight illnesses. Zinc and selenium are two of these minerals. Zinc is essential for the immune system, as it aids in the maintenance and development of immune cells. Selenium also aids in the reduction of inflammation, the battle against infection, and the enhancement of immunity.

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