Properties of almonds

Why is it worth eating almonds?
Here are their valuable properties:
B vitamins – are responsible for the proper functioning of the nervous system.
Iron – lowers cholesterol, affects the nervous system, protects against depression.
Folic acid – supports the proper development of the fetus;
Vitamin E – “vitamin of youth”, it prevents aging, has antioxidant properties and prevents atherosclerosis.
Copper – the element of life, the natural building block of the human body.
Magnesium – improves the work of the brain, has an anti-stress effect, has a great impact on the proper functioning of the muscles.
Zinc – is essential for the sexual maturation process to run properly, it maintains the proper concentration of vitamin A in the body.
Fiber – maintains the proper metabolic process and has a great influence on the digestive tract.
Phytosterols – have an anti-cancer effect.
Potassium – it can be found in almost all components of the daily diet, it has a great influence on the metabolism of carbohydrates and protein synthesis.
Unsaturated fatty acids – improve the work of the brain tissue and the cardiovascular system.
Amygdalin – has a strong anti-cancer effect. In some countries, it is used to treat cancer.
Proteins – proteins that are the main building blocks of bones.
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