Goji berries

GOJI BERRIES are called the red diamonds of the East and belong to SUPERFOODS💪‼ ️
Find out about their healing properties:
✅ They are acting anti-cancer
✅Clean the liver of toxins and improve
digestive processes
✅ They have a positive effect on eyesight
✅ They decrease insulin resistance
✅ They have a positive effect on the heart
✅ Lower cholesterol
✅ They improve the condition of hair and skin
✅ They support weight loss
Goji berries taste similar to cranberries, but are less sweet and more tart.
You can feel a tomato and herbal aftertaste in them.
Goji fruits can be eaten raw, while dried goji are perfectly combined with yoghurts, porridge, soups and rice dishes.
They can be used as a substitute for raisins in cakes and bars.♥️

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