Broccoli – a valuable Superfood

It might seem that there is nothing special about them, meanwhile broccoli have versatile health properties.
They are contain vitamins and minerals that mobilize the body to fight many diseases.
This vegetable is primarily a source of vitamin C and B vitamins, including folates, which are especially needed in the first months of pregnancy.🤰🏻
There are also macro – and micronutrients in broccoli, including:
phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, iron, zinc, copper and manganese. 🤩
Here are some of the many properties of broccoli:🥦💪
✅they have a positive effect on eyesight
✅they support weight loss
✅they have anti-cancer properties
✅they can relieve the symptoms of autism
✅they have an impact for hypertension
✅they can protect you from ulcers
✅they affect strong joints
✅they are recommended for diabetics

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