Sugar – white death

We all know that sugar is not the healthiest part of the diet.🤷‍♀️
However, is it that harmful?🧐
Unfortunately, it turns out that sugar can be extremely dangerous to our health.😳
What kind of damage can it cause in our body?
Excessive sugar causes:😲
✔️Circulatory system diseases
✔️Liver problems
✔️Increases the probability the occurrence of
✔️Ruins the skin condition
✔️Lowers immunity
The solution seems simple – just give up sweets.
However, the modern food industry, wanting to “improve” the taste of food, began to add sweeteners to almost everything.
Currently, practically all basic food products, such as white bread, yoghurts, cereals and many others, are sweetened, which you do not even expect.☝️☝️
What can be done is to just consciously choose the right foods – less processed by the food industry.💪
If you want to be healthy, do you have to completely give up the sweet taste? 🤔
There are many substitutes for white sugar available on the market that we can include in the diet without worrying about health and enjoying the sweet taste.😋🥰😋
Here is a list of valuable and natural sweeteners:👌👌👌
✅ Stevia
✅ Xylitol
✅ Maple syrup
✅ Date syrup
✅ Molasses
✅ Honey
✅ Erythritol
✅ Tagatosis
Here are the healthiest alternatives to white sugar, but it doesn’t mean we can consume it in unlimited amounts. ☝️☝️☝️
Let’s remember about the golden mean and let’s eat in a balanced way.

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