Dietary tips for a flat stomach

It is known that physical activity has a fantastic influence on the appearance of our figure.🥰
Nevertheless, without a healthy diet, our exercises may not bring us satisfactory results.
It is said, that a flat stomach starts in the kitchen! 😍
This is true! 👍
Here are some dietary tips for
a flat stomach💪:
1. Eat: regularly / more often but less and slower 😋
2. Limit sweets 🍩🍬🍭
3. Give up fast-food 🍔🍕🍟🌭
4. Eat valuable products, as little processed as possible 🥙 🥗
5. Limit your white flour products 🥖🍞🥨
6. Drink plenty of water and freshly squeezed juices💦💧🍏
7. Give up sweetened and carbonated drinks🥂🧃
8. Eat more vegetables and fruits 🍏🫐🥦🍌
9. Limit salt intake by replacing
it with herbs🌿🌱
10. Avoid frying 🍳
11. Limit alcohol ❌🍷🍾🍻
12. Eat high-fiber foods 🥕🧄🥥🫐

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