Ideas for healthy snacks

Do you like snacking? 😋
Here are ideas for Healthy Snacks:🥕🥜🥗
Vegetables with dip 🥕🥒
Smoothie with berries 🫐🍓
Sweet potato fries 🍟🍠
Kale chips 🥬
Apple mousse🧃🍎🍏
Nuts mix 🌰🥜
Carrots with peanut dip🥕 🥜
Hummus with pita bread 🫓
Fruit salad 🥝🍓🍊🫐
Avocado Chocolate Pudding🥑🍫
Chia seed pudding 🖤
Guacamole with homemade nachos 🥑🌮
Bon Appetit ♥️

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