Peanut butter

Recipe for homemade peanut butter

Who likes peanut butter? It tastes best when we make it ourselves 🥜😋
Recipe for homemade peanut butter:
1. Prepare your favorite type of nuts and peel them.
2. Roast the cleaned nuts until they turn golden.
3. The next step is to put the nuts into the blender.
Blending is quite a time-consuming process, so we have to be patient and wait until the nuts release the fat and form a smooth mass.
4. If we want to season them to taste, we can add a pinch of salt or honey 🍯 while blending.
5. We store our peanut butter in a cool place for up to a month.
If the fat separates after a long lying position, you only need to mix it thoroughly.
Bon Appetit 😋
The benefits of eating peanut butter;
🥜it lowers the glycemic index of meals
🥜is an excellent source of vegetable protein
🥜contains vitamins D3 and E
🥜raises the level of serotonin, which in
significantly reduces appetite,
reduces the feeling of fatigue and improves
🥜it contains the most antioxidants as well
🥜 is a source of unsaturated acids
🥜 is an effective ally in combat
with obesity
We recommend♥️🤩♥️

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