Milk thistle can help your liver

Milk thistle  – find out how this plant can help your liver and more?  Health-promoting properties of milk thistle: Supports the work of the liver and accelerates the process of its regeneration It has a detoxifying effect It soothes the side effects of pharmacotherapy It inhibits […]

No stress

Stress is an integral part of our lives. You cannot protect yourself from it, but you can limit its effects. It is very important to learn to control your emotions and learn about the appropriate relaxation techniques to help reduce stress as it has a […]

Sugar – white death

We all know that sugar is not the healthiest part of the diet. However, is it that harmful? Unfortunately, it turns out that sugar can be extremely dangerous to our health. What kind of damage can it cause in our body? Excessive sugar causes: Obesity […]

Ideas for healthy snacks

Do you like snacking? Here are ideas for Healthy Snacks: Vegetables with dip Smoothie with berries Sweet potato fries Kale chips Apple mousse Nuts mix Carrots with peanut dip Hummus with pita bread Fruit salad Avocado Chocolate Pudding Chia seed pudding Guacamole with homemade nachos […]

Dietary tips for a flat stomach

It is known that physical activity has a fantastic influence on the appearance of our figure. Nevertheless, without a healthy diet, our exercises may not bring us satisfactory results. It is said, that a flat stomach starts in the kitchen! This is true! Here are […]