Organic Hyaluronic Acid 3% 50ml


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Organic, 100% Natural, 50ml

Hyaluronic acid 3% BeEcco protects granulation tissue from oxygen free radical damage and stimulates wound healing, but its molecular weight prevents it from permeating the epidermal barrier. A low molecular weight hyaluronic acid preparation is able to permeate the skin, but it is unknown whether or not it retains the scavenging effects of oxygen free radicals in granulation tissue.
Hyaluronic acid can basically be divided into high and low molecular weight molecules – with the low molecular weight, being the preferred one to use in cosmetics, as it is a smaller molecule which penetrates the skin more effectively, yet has the ability of holding and binding the same amount of moisture in the skin as its higher molecule weight cousin. The low molecular weight (LMW) hyaluronic acid has also shown to increase important and needed enzymes in the skin, to increase skin health in general. It is also of importance in keeping the normal functioning (homeostasis) of the skin on track – and actively helps with cell differentiation when the “baby” cells are formed in the epidermal stem cells (basal layer), and then start their journey through the skin to finish off as dead flattened cells that normally shed. This whole process can be thrown off kilter as we age, by environmental factors as well as environmental chemicals and Hyaluronic acids helps to balance this entire process as well – thereby normalising and maintaining healthy skin function.

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